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Welcome to Plant Buddy the Plant Finder
Our goal is to assist you in finding a plant. Enclosed is a list of online plants with links to 1450 Nurseries World wide. We offer this service for free and hope others will want to participate. To find the plant quicker, you will need to use the search feature below.

If you're a Nursery, submitting your plants is open to any nursery in the World.  All we require is botanical list of names. Why is this important to you? Its search engine algorithm visibility

Read more if you want your plants listed.


NOTE: Use the Search feature to find a plant. You'll be surprised!

Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Cirrhopetalum pulchrum


Cischweinfia pusilla


Clowesia russelliana


Cochlioda noezliana

Cochlioda rosea


Coelogyne asperata

Coelogyne dayana

Coelogyne flaccida

Coelogyne lawrenceana

Coelogyne mayeriana

Coelogyne pandurata


Colmanara wildcat

Colmanara wildcat 'Bobcat'

Colmanara wildcat 'Doris'

Colmanara wildcat 'Green Valley'

Colmanara wildcat 'Jaguar'

Colmanara wildcat 'Ocelot'

Colmanara wildcat 'Petite Sirah'


Coryanthes bicalcarata

Coryanthes feildingii

Coryanthes leferenziorum

Coryanthes macrantha

Coryanthes mastersiana

Coryanthes speciosa

Coryanthes vasquezii


Cycnoches barthiorum

Cycnoches chlorochilon

Cycnoches cooperi

Cycnoches golden

Cycnoches golden Showers

Cycnoches herrenhusanum

Cycnoches herrenhusanum 'Golden Ring'

Cycnoches jean

Cycnoches jean E. Monnier

Cycnoches wine

Cycnoches wine Delight 'JEM'

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