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Welcome to Plant Buddy the Plant Finder
Our goal is to assist you in finding a plant. Enclosed is a list of online plants with links to 1450 Nurseries World wide. We offer this service for free and hope others will want to participate. To find the plant quicker, you will need to use the search feature below.

If you're a Nursery, submitting your plants is open to any nursery in the World.  All we require is botanical list of names. Why is this important to you? Its search engine algorithm visibility

Read more if you want your plants listed.


NOTE: Use the Search feature to find a plant. You'll be surprised!

Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Laeliocattleya donald

Laeliocattleya donald Foster 'Garden City'

Laeliocattleya drumbeat

Laeliocattleya drumbeat 'Heritage'

Laeliocattleya eleanor

Laeliocattleya eleanor King 'Elmhust'

Laeliocattleya galaxy

Laeliocattleya galaxy 'Cluster King'

Laeliocattleya george

Laeliocattleya george Baldwin 'Prolific'

Laeliocattleya gold

Laeliocattleya gold Digger 'Buttercup'

Laeliocattleya ida

Laeliocattleya ida Elizabeth 'Mary Jean'

Laeliocattleya ida Elizabeth 'Patrick'

Laeliocattleya ida Elizabeth 'Tyler'

Laeliocattleya irene

Laeliocattleya irene Finney 'Chicago'

Laeliocattleya irene Finney 'Springs Best'

Laeliocattleya john

Laeliocattleya john McArthur 'Cal-Fin'

Laeliocattleya kari

Laeliocattleya kari Lynn 'Splash Down'

Laeliocattleya ken

Laeliocattleya ken Stromsland 'Eric'

Laeliocattleya kimberly

Laeliocattleya kimberly Federighi 'Judy'

Laeliocattleya kimberly Federighi 'Nicole'

Laeliocattleya kimberly Federighi 'Rick'

Laeliocattleya lake

Laeliocattleya lake George 'Everlasting'

Laeliocattleya mary

Laeliocattleya mary Elizabeth Bohn 'Royal Flare'

Laeliocattleya melinda

Laeliocattleya melinda Rose Weber 'Douglas'

Laeliocattleya orange

Laeliocattleya orange Passion 'Tangerine'

Laeliocattleya roy

Laeliocattleya roy Haussermann 'Royal Oaks

Laeliocattleya royal

Laeliocattleya royal Pavilion 'Summer Splendor'

Laeliocattleya sharon

Laeliocattleya sharon Shutty Wright "Anchors Away'

Laeliocattleya shauna

Laeliocattleya shauna Gialluisa 'Steve'

Laeliocattleya starting

Laeliocattleya starting Point 'Unique'

Laeliocattleya stephen

Laeliocattleya stephen Oliver Fouraker 'Elmhurst'

Laeliocattleya trevor

Laeliocattleya trevor James Compton 'Erin Katie'

Laeliocattleya trevor James Compton 'Lucille'


Miltonia celle

Miltonia celle 'Hinsdale'

Miltonia ernest

Miltonia ernest Finney 'Rosella'

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