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Paeonia 'Bing Qing/Color of Ice'

Paeonia 'Dancing Butterflies'

Paeonia 'Fen Jin Chi Yu/Golden Fish in a Pink Pond'

Paeonia 'Fen Zhu Pan/Pink Purple Plate'

Paeonia 'Frosted Rose'

Paeonia 'Golden Wheel'

Paeonia 'Great Prosperity'

Paeonia 'Hong Xiu Zhen'

Paeonia 'Hong Yun Ying Ri/Red Clouds Reflecting Sun'

Paeonia 'Jinzanciyu/Gold & Jade Pic'

Paeonia 'Purple Phoenix'

Paeonia 'Qi Hua Lu Shuang/Rare flower...'

Paeonia 'Qiaoling'

Paeonia 'Qing Wen'

Paeonia 'White Swan'

Paeonia 'Wu Hua Long Wu/Speckled...'

Paeonia 'Xi Shi Fen/Xi Shi's Face Powder'

Paeonia 'Yang Fei Chu Yu/Fat Concubine'

Paeonia 'Zhong Shen Fen/Pink from Seed'

Paeonia 'Zhu Sha pan/Cinnabar Red'

Paeonia 'Zi Er Qiao'

Paeonia 'Zi Xia Ying Xue/Magenta Sunshine'

Paeonia (t) 'Bai Yu/White Jade'

Paeonia (t) 'Bing Shan Xue Lian/Lotus fr.'

Paeonia (t) 'Cang Zhi Hong/Shy Girl'

Paeonia (t) 'Chun Hong Jiao Yan/Beautif.'

Paeonia (t) 'Chun Se Man Yuan'

Paeonia (t) 'Chun Xiao'

Paeonia (t) 'Cong Zhong Xiao/Smiling..'

Paeonia (t) 'Da Hu Die'

Paeonia (t) 'Da Hu Hong/Hu s Red'

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