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Paeonia (t) 'Dou Kou Nian Hua'

Paeonia (t) 'Er Qiao/Twin Beauty'

Paeonia (t) 'Fei Yan Hong Zuang/Flying...'

Paeonia (t) 'Fen Chi Di Cui/Jade in Pink Pool'

Paeonia (t) 'Fen He/Pink Lotus'

Paeonia (t) 'Guan Qun Fang/Champion Fragrance'

Paeonia (t) 'Guan Shi Mo Yu/Black Jade.'

Paeonia (t) 'Gui Fei Cha Cui/Beauty with..'

Paeonia (t) 'Hatsugarasu'

Paeonia (t) 'Hei Hua Kui/Grand Black...'

Paeonia (t) 'High Noon'

Paeonia (t) 'Hong Lian/Red Lotus'

Paeonia (t) 'Hu Hong'

Paeonia (t) 'Hua Hu Die/Multi-colored...'

Paeonia (t) 'Jin Xiu Qiu/Ball...'

Paeonia (t) 'Jing Yu/Jing Jade'

Paeonia (t) 'Kao/King of Flowers'

Paeonia (t) 'Kinshi'

Paeonia (t) 'Lan Ju/Blue Chrysanthemum'

Paeonia (t) 'Lan Tian Yu/Blue Garden Jade'

Paeonia (t) 'Ling Hua Chen Yu/Shower in Morning'

Paeonia (t) 'Luo Han Hong/Luo Han Red'

Paeonia (t) 'Qing Long Wo Mo Chi/Green D..'

Paeonia (t) 'Rou Fu Rong/Hibiscus with a Pink ...'

Paeonia (t) 'Shan Hu Tai/Coral Terrace'

Paeonia (t) 'Shima-Nishiki'

Paeonia (t) 'Shou An Hong/Number 1 Red'

Paeonia (t) 'Tao Hua Fei Xue/PeachB.'

Paeonia (t) 'Wu Jin Yao Huii/GlitteringB.'

Paeonia (t) 'Wu Long Peng Sheng/BlackD.'

Paeonia (t) 'Xiang Yu/Fragrant Jade'

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