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Spring Hill Nursery


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Alocasia 'Black Stem' (1 product)

The Alocasia's attractive black stems and veining are displayed on each large, arrow-shaped leaf. Excellent container or border plant-anywhere one desires a lush, tropical texture. Full, vigorous growth up to 3-4' high with similar spread.

Alocasia 'Frydek' (1 product)

Beautiful, tropical-looking leaves of deep green are accented with bold cream veining. Stalks have a unique, purplish banding. A dramatic screen or specimen plant for shade; also thrives indoors.

Alocasia 'Green Shield' (1 product)

Enormous, soft-textured leaves measure up to 28" long and 20" across! Each is roundly ovate like an ancient warrior's shield. The Alocasia Green Shield has inky black veins that stand out against a lime-green background.

Alocasia calodora (1 product)

A striking specimen with extra-large, palmlike foliage. Creates an impressive


Aloysia triphylla (1 product)

A striking specimen with extra-large, palmlike foliage. Creates an impressive


Alstroemeria 'Sweet Laura' (1 product)

Now you can grow this popular cut flower as far north as Zone 5! 'Sweet Laura' is a breakthrough in hardiness and the world's only fragrant alstroemeria. Tall, 28-30" stems bear handsome yellow flowers marked with mahogany-red.


Ampelopsis brevipedunculata

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans' (1 product)

Beauty from summer through fall. Unique 10-15' vine features variegated pink and white foliage and attractive, greenish-ivory berries. In autumn, berries turn brilliant colors of teal, hot pink and purple amid red and gold leaves.


Anchusa azurea

Anchusa azurea 'Lodden Royalist' (1 product)

A splash of bright blue for the back of a border. Native to the Mediterranean, these popular Anchusa Azurea perennials feature clusters of radiant, 1" blooms on stately stems. Invaluable in summer gardens for their rich and intense blue flowers.


Anemone decaen (1 product)

Fill the garden with a kaleidoscope of color. Perfect for container planting or gardening areas with less space, our highly admired Poppy Anemones can fill your garden with energetic color. Each 5+ cm bulb produces multiple stems and long-lasting 2"


Anthemis tinctoria

Anthemis tinctoria 'E.C. Buxton' (1 product)

These lemon yellow 2" flowers with gold centers soar to 24-36" over aromatic, fernlike leaves. Golden marguerites bloom from early summer to fall and are heat-tolerant. Space 18-24" apart.


Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow' (1 product)

Double blooms have a fuchsia lining and white highlights atop 24-28" stems. Blooms from late spring to early summer. This perennial is quickly becoming a popular choice of gardeners. Space 12-15" apart. Shipped in 3" pot. Aquilegia x ‘Nora

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