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Thompson & Morgan


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Acer collection

This Acer Collection consists of one packet each of: Autumn Colored Hybrids'(20 seeds) - Deciduous. Mixture of beautiful forms embracing all year brilliance. Ideal for a cool shady spot, patio tubs etc. palmatum (Japanese Maple)(30 seeds) - One of


Annuals seed

Annuals seed : Easy Annuals Fairy Mixed

Easy Annuals Fairy Mixed is a delightful mixture of dwarf annuals that will add a touch of grace to borders. This wide range of varieties have been selected to flower gradually, giving your borders an ever-changing, magical appearance throughout the


Antirrhinum braun-blanquetti

Details to come.

Antirrhinum maximum

Antirrhinum maximum seeds: T&M Mixed

Antirrhinum T&M Mixed seeds produce tall spires with thick, sturdy stems that are impressive either in groups or a as long-lasting cut flower.


Apricot shades

Details to come.


Atropurpurea 'Summer Sundae'

A delightful blend of gorgeous pink shades with a hint of white. Attracts butterflies to your borders.24 - 36in


Bacopa duo

Two delightful snow-white and lilac-blue selections, spectacular when planted on their own or with other plants in baskets or containers. Sold as a multi-seeded pellet for easy sowing into modules or Jiffy 7's ready for planting.Bacopa Duo contains


Basil seeds

Basil seeds : Genovese

The most popular of all the basils, essential for authentic Italian cuisine with a strong scent and flavor. Easy to grow on the windowsill or outdoors. These seeds have been carefully chosen for their popularity and ability to grow well in the North


Bean seeds

Bean seeds : Bush Bean seeds : Sonesta

Early maturing, waxy yellow beans on compact plants. Pods are slender, straight and stringless reaching up to 13cm (5 inches) long. Early to mature with a long cropping period. Plants are resistant to Common Bean Mosaic Virus and Anthracnose. 75

Bean seeds : Climbing Bean seeds : Fasold

An attractive Climbing Bean producing decorative mauve flowers which are followed by bumper crops of long, round, stringless mid green pods with superb flavor. Early cropping, the pods are slow to develop seeds, and the plants give a long harvest


Beetroot : Detroit 6 - Rubidus Globe

(75 days) Bolting virtually eliminated, yet ready to harvest earlier than most other varieties. Firm, smooth skin, deep red flesh without a hint of fiber even when 5in in diameter. Its vigor and yield are synonymous with F1. Hybrids.

Beetroot Seeds: Alto F1 Hybrid

(70 days)The 1st F1 hybrid cylindrical 'Housewives' Choice' beetroot with the sweetest of flavors. Uniform, straight roots have a smooth rich, red skin and flesh color free from rings, making them easy to prepare. Roots stand proud above the soil,

Beetroot Seeds: Wodan F1 Hybrid

(70 days) High quality, round bright-red-fleshed roots. Wonderful flavor when freshly cooked, as 'baby' beet or as larger roots. Ideal for pickling, and the young leaves can be used as an alternative to spinach.

Beetroot chioggia

Beetroot chioggia Pink

Details to come.

Beetroot: Kestrel F1 Hybrid - Globe

Smooth, round, dark-red-skinned roots with superb dark flesh color and increased sugar levels. Delicious cooked or raw, used as baby beets or mature. Good resistance to bolting.


Broccoli seeds

Broccoli seeds : Belstar F1 Hybrid

A useful dual Calabrese that produces a good central dome followed by plenty of juicy sideshoots once the main head has been cut. Plant in succession for continual summer/autumn harvesting. Excellent flavor.

Broccoli: Cima di Rapa (Raab)

(60 days) Also known as 'broccoletto', a delicious quick sprouting relative of the turnip. Use in stir fries, salads or as a cooked vegetable, slightly spicy tasting leaves, shoots and flower buds (like a mini broccoli).

Bunching/Spring Onions/Scallions: Ishikuro

A unique type that does not form bulbs, yet stays white and very straight. Can be harvested pencil-thin, or left until it's as thick as a mature leek! A long harvesting period and little waste, and no need for repeat sowings.


Bush bean

Bush bean Seeds : Golden Teepee

(75 days) Attractive, golden yellow stringless pencil pods of excellent flavor, contrast against the dark green leaves. Stringless, round pods are held high up on the plants for ease of picking, so are less prone to disease and rotting from soil


Bushy lobelia

Bushy lobelia Collection

This Bushy Lobelia Collection consists of one packet each of: Crystal Palace(2500 seeds) - Attractive dark bronze foliage sets off deep-blue flowers. Cambridge Blue (2500 seeds) - Clear sky-blue flowers. Paper Moon(1500 seeds) - One of the best


Superb long-stemmed, delicate blue flowers encased in a papery calyx. Long-lasting fresh or dried cut flower for borders or cottage gardens.2ft Fl. Summer

Caerulea bicolor

Many of the pure white petals are attractively marked with the occasional fleck of metallicblue, making wonderful paper-like flowers, ideal for using in dried flower arrangements.24 - 36in


Calamintha grandiflora

Charming front of border or rockery plant, tubular pink flowers.


Candy mountain

Totally unique! The very first foxglove from seed to produce upward-facing flowers! This unusual characteristic lets you see inside the stunning rose pink blooms which appear all the way around the stems, and catch a glimpse of their delightfully


Carrot Seeds: Carson F1 Hybrid

5 - 6in (90 days) (Fall-Winter)Tapering roots with a rich orange core and a crunchy sweet taste. Chantenay hybrids are renowned for their taste, and this is one of the best.

Carrot fly-free

Carrot fly-free Collection

This Carrot Fly-Free Collection consists of one packet each of: Flyaway F1 Hybrid(500 seeds) - British bred with partial carrot fly resistance, due to lower levels of chlorogenic acid within the developing roots. Flyaway is naturally sweet,

Carrot parmex

Deliciously tender, bite- sized, round carrots, with a very smooth skin. Early maturing and uniform. Ideal for containers, high density cropping or even in a windowbox. Suitable for clay soils where carrots are only dreamed of!

Carrot rainbow

Carrot rainbow F1 Hybrid

Details to Come!

Carrot: Yellowstone F1 Hybrid

An easy to grow, long smooth-skinned carrot in an unusual canary-yellow color and the sweetest flavor when eaten raw.


Catananche duo

One packet each of caerulea and Bicolor. caerulea (100 seeds)Superb long-stemmed, delicate blue flowers encased in a papery calyx. Long-lasting fresh or dried cut flower for borders or cottage gardens.Bicolor (75 seeds)Many of the pure white petals


Cauliflower graffiti

Cauliflower graffiti F1 Hyb.

Details to Come!

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