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Thompson & Morgan

Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Packman f1

Packman f1 Hybrid Broccoli

A dependable, early maturing favorite. Adapted to most soil types and can be planted in succession. Produces large 8in domed heads with medium beads. Prolific side shoot production. Tolerant of hot weather. (55 days)


Pak choi

Pak choi Purple F1

Details to Come!

Pak choi White F1

Details to Come!


Papaver paeoniflorum

Papaver paeoniflorum seeds: Pink Paeony

This classic Poppy is an ideal candidate for the cottage garden. Pink Paeony is a particularly attractive shade of pink, blending well with other pastel colors. Plant en masse for a drift of enchanting color.


Parsley seeds

Parsley seeds : Plain Leaved

(Sheeps or French Parsley) The true variety, absolutely unsurpassed for flavor. Use it as a companion plant. It's said to improve the health and vigor of roses and tomatoes when grown next to them.

Parsnip: Excalibur F1 Hybrid

Smooth, almost bleached, whiteskinned roots with creamy flesh and the sweetest flavor. The roots are shallow crowned, making very good weight. Good resistance to canker.


Parthenocarpic duo

One packet each of Parthenon F1 Hybrid and Cavilli F1 Hybrid. Parthenon F1 Hybrid (20 seeds)Early crops of excellent flavored darkgreen slightly speckled, glossy, cylindrical fruits in abundance.Cavilli F1 Hybrid (20 seeds)Extra early crops of


Pea seeds

Pea seeds : Sugar Snap : Cascadia

Crisp, sweet, rounded 'sugar snap' pods that remain succulent and tender over a longer period than many other varieties. Enjoy bumper crops over a long picking season on the easy to manage, quite dwarf plants. Resistant to Pea Wilt. Prefers well


Pepper seeds

Pepper seeds : Chili/Hot : Heatwave (Hot)

Thanks to Columbus who is credited with discovering the cayenne pepper, gardeners and cooks can enjoy the pleasure of this mixture containing red, yellow and orange. Beautifully ornamental and offering a 'mind blowing' hot flavor experience. Most


Petunia Seeds: hybrida 'Velvet Series' F1 Hybrid

The best ever trailing petunia from seed! These spectacular purple and salmon cascading varieties will outperform those expensive cutting-raised Surfinia petunias and will produce trailing stems, up to 3ft in length, continuously smothered in blooms


Phacelia viscida

Phacelia viscida seeds: Tropical Surf

An attractive easy to grow annual with masses of scrumptious azure-blue blooms with white lacy centers, produced on low, spreading plants. Suitable for mixed beds and borders. Flowers from early summer to early autumn. Hgt. 23-30cm (9-12in)


Phlox drummondii

Phlox drummondii seeds: Phlox of Sheep

'Phlox of Sheep' is a garden annual of exceptional quality and character. This totally unique and exclusive blend of pastel hues and bicolours, through pinks, yellows, apricot, red and then pure white is the result of many years' work. The gorgeous


Pole Beans: Blauhilde

Delicious bunches of stringless purple round/oval fleshy pods up to 11in long.Beans look attractive in vegetable and flower gardens.(*CBMV resistant).


Primula japonica

Primula japonica seeds: Mixed

A hand-blended mix of beautiful Japanese Primulas. Ideal for moist shady borders or beside a pond. Stout stems bear whorls of 2cm ( inch) blooms in shades of red-purple, pink and white, often with a contrasting eye


Radish Rat's Tail

Details to come.

Radish mooli

Radish mooli April Cross

Details to come.


Rosemary seeds

Rosemary's powerful fragrance goes well with lamb and chicken. You could also add it to tomato soup, stews and when finely chopped, to fresh cooked peas. The tea is said to help headaches, colic and colds.


Salvia duo

One packet each of Salvia patens and Cambridge Blue. Salvia patens (15 seeds)A classic border plant, adding a cool blue drift to planting schemes. Attractive, large blue, hooded florets are borne on erect stems above toothed foliage.Cambridge Blue

Salvia rose

Salvia rose QUEEN

An unusual color of superba with a profusion of flower spikes.

Salvia turkestanica

Salvia turkestanica alba

Details to come.


Scentsation Mixed' F1 Hybrid

2009 MGA Green Thumb Award Winner Vigorous plants produce attractive double to semi-double pastel shade blooms, and bring together a delicious medley of fragrances from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose filling the air on damp mornings and


Silene shell

Silene shell Pink

Shell-pink blooms on compact plants.


Sorrel seeds: Blood Veined

New, colourful salad leaf innovation to add a sharp but pleasant taste and texture to mixed salads, when eaten young. Also makes an attractive 'dot' plant in the flower border. Ideal used in soups and sauces. Hardy Perennial but grown as an Annual.


Sprouting Seeds: Radish Sango

(2-6 days) Sprouting seeds contain a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Seeds are the beginning of life in plant form, so it stands to reason that they are full of natural goodness, especially when they begin to sprout. In 2-7 days you

Sprouting seeds

Sprouting seeds : Alfalfa

(Ready in 2-6 days) Sprouting seeds contain a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Seeds are the beginning of life in plant form, so it stands to reason that they are full of natural goodness, especially when they begin to sprout. In 2-7

Sprouting seeds Collection

One packet each of the sprouting varieties + a two-tiered sprouter

Strawberries: Florian F1 Hybrid

Striking appleblossom-pink flowers produce a heavy crop of good-sized, juicy red fruits. Can be grown under glass, but as fruits hang from the main plant as well as its runners, it is ideal for growing on a sunny patio in baskets, containers or


Strawberry Seeds: Mignonette

(130 days) The wood alpine strawberry, producing lots of tasty, quality, fruit. Excellent for hanging baskets and containers. Zones: 3-9


Strelitzia reginae

Strelitzia reginae 'Dwarf'

Truly exotic and unforgettable blooms in rich iridescent orange and midnight blue.


Sunflower 'Little Dorrit'

Short plants with huge flowers and giant foliage. Fun for children.

Sunflower seeds: Prado Yellow

Producing superior cut flowers, this sunflower seed variety is naturally multi-stemmed with lots of quality flowers on short stems and if the first bud is pinched out there will be even more! Excellent for the back of the border, easy to grow and

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