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Thompson & Morgan


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Superstar orange

A stunning bright orange 'Black-Eyed Susan', with the largest flowers we have ever seen, on a seed-raised Thunbergia. Vigorous plants will quickly cover a trellis against a sunny fence, or look spectacular growing up an obelisk in containers.Climber


Sweet pea

Sweet pea seeds : Pink Cupid

A lovely way to bring the delightful fragrance of sweet peas closer to home, grown in baskets or containers. Attractive pink and white bicolored blooms on naturally neat and compact plants, create a wonderful display in early summer. Specially


Sweetest tomato

Sweetest tomato Duo

One packet each of Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid and Sungold F1 Hybrid. Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid (20 seeds)The sweetest tasting, shiny red skinned cherry variety available making the perfect complement to our ever popular orange skinned Sungold.


Swiss chard

Swiss chard seeds : Bright Lights

Swiss Chard Bright Lights is an exciting mixture offering colored stems in classic red, white, pink, violet, green, gold, orange, yellow and some even striped! These wonderfully colored stems are crowned with large foliage of green or bronze.


Tacca chantrierei

A bizarre plant with malevolent dusky black blooms with bat-like 12in long tentacles.


Tagetes patula

Tagetes patula seeds: Solan

Mind-blowing flower power, each plant can produce over 250 blooms! Fill your borders and containers with masses of attractive orange and red tufted Chrysanthemum-like heads on vigorous, bushy plants. Amazing garden performance.


Tall striped

Tall striped Collection

This Tall Striped Collection consists of one packet each of: Striped Marvel(100 seeds) - Raised by a Scottish T&Mcustomer. Bushy, uniform plants produce masses of flowers, excellent for bedding as well as for cutting, lasting well in water. La


Tomato basket

Tomato basket Collection

This Tomato Basket Collection consists of one packet each of: Balconi Red (20 seeds) - Clusters of delicious, small, bright red fruit, hanging gently against strong, compact, dark green foliage. No side shooting is required, as the plants are

Tomato harlequin

Tomato harlequin F1 Hybrid

Details to come.

Tomato seeds

Tomato seeds : Gardeners Delight

Cordon (Indeterminate). The true tangy flavor of tomatoes of a century or more ago. If you are of the opinion tomatoes have lost their flavor 'Gardener's Delight' is a must for you. It is a greenhouse or outdoor type, packed with bite-size fruit,

Tomato seeds : Moneymaker (Cordon)

(95 days) Popular, early, easy and very reliable cordon variety which has stood the test of time. Medium-sized fruit.

Tomato seeds : Moravi F1 (Organic)

Cordon (Indeterminate). Our Moravi tomato seed produces sweet flavored, medium sized fruits. Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Cladosporium (leaf mould), Verticillium Wilt and Fusarium 1 resistant. There should be no need for the use of chemicals.

Tomato seeds : Rosada F1 Hybrid

Indeterminate. Rosada has slightly larger fruit than the popular 'Santa' with a more pronounced calyx and a slightly thinner skin with much better resistance to fruit splitting. Exceptional flavor with high sugar and high acids to give that real

Tomato: Juliet F1 Hybrid (Cordon)

From the same breeder as the popular 'Santa'. 'Juliet' has a similar maturity but with larger almost 1oz juicy fruits, with a delicious tangy bite. Ideal for greenhouse growing.

Tomato: Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid

The sweetest tasting, shiny red skinned cherry variety available making the perfect complement to our ever popular orange skinned Sungold. Ripens early and produces a huge crop of tasty bite sized red fruits throughout the summer.


What is the most often grown vegetable in today's Canadian & US gardens? Tomatoes! Designed for both food-lovers and gardeners alike, Tomato showcases 160 varieties and how to grow them-in pots, hanging baskets, grow bags, under glass, and outdoors.


Fl. Late Spring. Mat forming, vigorous silvery foliage and white flowers. Good border edging, container plant.6x24in


Trafalgar f1

Trafalgar f1 Hybrid Brussels Sprouts

Just imagine a Brussels Sprout you can serve at the dinner table, and the children come back for seconds! Thanks to the breeder continuously striving for a better, sweeter flavor, your wish can now come true with 'Trafalgar'. This modern hybrid


Trailing petunia

Trailing petunia Duo

One packet each of Salmon Velvet and Purple Velvet. Salmon Velvet (12 seeds)The best ever trailing petunia from seed! These spectacular purple and salmon cascading varieties will outperform those expensive cutting-raised Surfinia petunias and will


Verbascum 'Copper Rose' F1 Hybrid

Bushy plants with soft silver stems are smothered in a mass of gorgeous silky blooms in attractive shades from apricot to copper and rose. A vigorous sterile hybrid that just keeps on flowering and flowering, creating a spectacular border display.


Viola wittrockiana

Viola wittrockiana seeds: Jolly Joker F2

Jolly Joker, awarded the AAS Medal 1990 and the 1990 Fleuroselect Gold Medal, is probably the most spectacular pansy of its class. The intense orange of its lower petals, contrasts sharply with the deep purple of the upper petals. The effect is both


Zinnia 'Swizzle Cherry & Ivory'

Zinnias have certainly increased in popularity as summer bedding in recent years. 'Swizzles' have eye-catching bicolored flowers on bushy free-flowering plants, with exceptional garden performance. Attracts a variety of butterflies to your borders

Zinnia 'Swizzle' Duo

One packet each of Swizzle Cherry & Ivory and Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow. Swizzle Cherry & Ivory (10 seeds)Zinnias have certainly increased in popularity as summer bedding in recent years. 'Swizzles' have eye-catching bicolored flowers on bushy

Zinnia Seeds: elegans 'Peppermint Stick Improved'

A popular variety for many years, now with a much improved color range. Attractive double flowers all striped and blotched in scarlet, carmine, vermilion, and rosy-purple on cream and yellow. Ideal for adding height and color to annual borders as


Abutilon 'Bella Mixed' F1 Hybrid (1 product)

A wonderful selection of pastel colored, large bell-shaped blooms on dwarf compact free-flowering plants. Perfect for patio containers.


Acer autumn

Acer autumn Colored Hybrids Mixed (1 product)

Deciduous. Mixture of beautiful forms embracing all year brilliance. Ideal for a cool shady spot, patio tubs etc.


Achillea filipendulina

Achillea filipendulina seeds: Cloth of Gold (1 product)

A free flowering & indispensible border plant with flat, platelike 4-6in mustard yellow flower heads of easy culture. Best when used as mixed borders or for cutting. The flat flower heads can also be dried and used as 'everlastings'. Flowers mid to

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