Protect your Pond from Predators

Where are the fish? You walk outside to feed your fish one day and when you reach your pond you find all your beautiful fish gone. How can this be? You look for Fred, Lucy, TA, and all your other fish but can’t find them. Your heart races to your mouth, you run around your pond, you check your skimmer, […]

Submerged Plants For a Garden Pond

By the Pond Lady You cannot have a Water Garden without plants. A modest water garden can be contained in a barrel or trough or you can have an elaborate pond with streams, fountains and waterfalls. Which ever one you choose, a combination of plants will not only make it beautiful, but healthy. Aquatic plants play essential roles in the […]

Ready your Pond for Winter

GETTING YOUR POND READY FOR WINTER By the Pond Lady Signs of autumn are springing up everywhere. Leaves are turning colors, birds are gathering for their flight south, pumpkins and apples are being harvested and the blankets are being put back onto the beds. Sunscreen is being traded for sweaters and sweatshirts. Water lilies and other vegetation in your pond […]

Creating Waterfalls and Streams

CREATING WATERFALLS AND STREAMS By the Pond Lady There are many reasons to add a waterfall. Waterfalls are beautiful to look at and the moving water adds sparkle to your pond. Waterfalls sound good, they provide a way of recycling the water and they also add valuable oxygen to the water to benefit fish. Waterfalls or moving water create white […]

How to Design a Water Pond

Once you have settled on a potential site for your pond, you need to decide on the size. If you want fish and a variety of plants, it would be best to have a larger in-ground pond. This doesn’t mean you would not be successful with a half-barrel or other type of patio-deck water container garden. Now is the time […]

Water Garden is Sweeping our Nation

We are just not satisfied with ordinary gardening any longer. Water gardening is sweeping our country. More ¬†and more people are adding water features to their landscape. Water has been a part of landscaping throughout the ages. Within the last few years water gardening popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. Why are ponds and waterfalls becoming more and more […]

How to Select a Water Pond Pump

Pumps come in a confusing array of models and sizes.You will need a pump if you are planning on moving water in your pond, whether by a waterfall, stream, fountain, or spouting ornament. This article will help you determine what size of pump you will need for your pond or water feature.It will not matter whether the pond has a […]

Summer Water Pond care and Algae

Summer care and Algae By the Pond Lady Summer is here and everything in your pond is in full rhythm, flowers are blooming, and your fish are active. Algae is growing and you’re wondering what do I do about that green water or what is that fuzzy green stuff on my pots and around the sides of my pond. You […]