Herbal plants offered today

The plants offered to gardeners or non-gardeners at nurseries, garden centers and the corner store vary immensely.  They may be culinary herbs suitable for all sorts of savory dishes, or valued for their blooms or can be used medicinally. In this article, we look at all three distinctions in all the plants listed.    As the plants are used for these […]

Planning the perfect garden

Before planting a garden, considerable thought must be taken to ensure important features are correct. There are many factors to consider when considering a garden surface. The light availability, soil structure, and PH level, water availability, and buildings or other structures around all contribute to the location of the proposed garden. Other things to contemplate are the different garden styles […]

Iris grown throughout the seasons

Iris can be seen growing in early spring and throughout the summer months. Its appearance can be very different from one another with various heights, characteristics, and blossom/leaf color. There are two kinds of iris that can flourish in this area. Some are formed by bulbs planted deeply in the soil, others growing from rhizomes, which are horizontally half buried. […]

Taking Plant Cuttings the Easy Way

This is that time of year when we take cuttings of our beloved plants. These are the indoor plants that grew too big over the summer months, the perennials we would like to increase in numbers rather than dividing, or from bringing in an entire annual plant from outside. Taking cuttings isn’t difficult, some simple steps are needed though, to […]

The versatility of ferns is being seen again

Gardeners today with busy schedules want less work in their gardens, and thus a need is established for plants that do just that. Their focus is more on leaf texture and foliage colour, rather than blooms and pruning schedules, consequently plants that don’t require a lot of care and maintenance are sought after. Self-sufficient ponds, shade gardens, and woodland gardens […]

Using Herbs in the kitchen

Many years ago herbs were considered invaluable; they cost dearly to buy and were very difficult to find.  Yet now, herb plants can be grown by seed offered by mail order, plants can be purchased practically everywhere and fresh-cut and dried culinary herbs at the local grocery store. So why all the fuss you ask?  Herbs are making their way […]

Variegated leaves of plants win gardeners over

It seems, as the numbers of people getting into gardening still rises, the same applies to the numbers of new plant introductions. With so many plants being introduced every year, there are always the variegated varieties that peak my interest. Not only is a beautiful flower produced on these plants, but the interest of the plant itself is held throughout […]

Many spring bloomers available to a gardener

Many people rely on crocus, tulips and daffodil bulbs to give spring colour, but several other spring bloomers are available to grow. Most are relatively low growing and will tolerate various conditions offered to them, thereby allowing all gardeners to give them a try. Pulmonaria – commonly called “Lungwort” and named for the spotted leaves that were thought to help […]

Blue flowers of a Garden

It’s hard to find true blue perennials for a garden, but you can make it work by using shades of blue. Most of the plants labeled ‘blue’ are really not blue but in fact either violet or violet-blue. Hybridizers are trying to create perennials in blue shades but are having difficulties, and with the growing demand of gardeners wanting the […]

Plant bulbs now for spring blooms

Now is the time to get your garden ready for fall, and instead of dreading the task, think about the glorious spring blooms to be had. Garden centres are supplied with spring-flowering bulbs of daffodils, hyacinths, narcissus, tulips,and crocus, but let’s not stop there. Unusual bulbs that can brighten any area of the garden can be purchased as well, some […]