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my thai dragon has lost it's gusto

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  • my thai dragon has lost it's gusto

    hi everyone i'm wondering if you can offer any advice on how to rejuvinate my thai dragon pepper plant.

    it's been in the same 2 gallon-ish pot for 2 1/2 yrs.
    up until about 6 months ago it was a big healthy plant with lots of foiliage
    it's just kind of become very scrawny.

    i've considered repotting it- perhaps it's become a* bit root bound?

    and prunning it back a bit, but i'm not very yfamiliar with peppers so i thought i'd run it by you all.

    thanks for any help you can offer! -K

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    Hi Kyle

    I would think that being in the same pot for that long with the symptoms you describe would make it very rootbound.* You can root prune and top prune for rejuvenation.* I'm including the cached version of our instructions as well as sites about repotting rootbound plants.

    Give your plant time to recover.* If you purchase new potting soil it will probably have a slow release fertilizer already in it.* Do not fertilize for at least 3 months.



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      thank you so much for your reply I'm going to buy a new pot right now!


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        Kyle, you are so very welcome!* Be sure the new pot is about 2" larger then the old one.* You can measure from top to bottom or accross the top* Try and use the same type of pot you already have.* If you have clay, use clay again as it will perform in the same way and be easier for you to judge the watering needs.* Waster the plant well a couple of days before you repot it.