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Make own containers / base for many pots?

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  • Make own containers / base for many pots?

    Hi there!

    I hope someone can help me?
    I'm trying to pretty up our entrance hall by making a 'mini Amazon forest' with pot-plants*right next to the entrance door, so what*I was thinking was to make my own base (shaped in the form of a semi-circle or half an oval - with the flat part against the wall), and then I want to be able to play around with different pot-plants - still in their containers - which should make this very easy & 'changeable'. I would place a variety of pot-plants in this base with pebbles in between...

    Does anyone know how I could make my own base? With concrete? What would be the mixture, etc... (I've never done anything like this before) Am I crazy??:shock:

    Thanks in advance! :D