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  • sedum pests

    I need help identifying a pest*infestation I found on our autumn joy sedums.* Several stalks have been hollowed out and replaced with what looks like red mud...similiar to*a mud dauber's nest.** When I broke the stalk open, small white insects were inside...they had no wings or antennae but had mandibles.

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    Hi Carolina Mtn Gardener,

    I'm not finding much info on insect pests and sedum.* You obviously have the larval stage of some pest.* I do find reference to black vine weevils, but the feeding habits of the larvae are to feed on the roots.* The adults do notch the edges of the leaves of plants, often making them look scalloped.* Do you see anything like that?

    Here's a root weevil grub on a sedum.

    Here's the damage.

    I would definitely cut off the stems of any infected plants and destroy them.