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    I have planted a couple new beds around the stairs at the front entrance of our dwelling. However, the cats now think they have a new litterbox!!!!! How can I prevent them from doing their business in my gardens????? I know I can scoot them away when I see them in the act, but usually I don't see them in the act, they are somewhat shy in doing their business in front of everyone. HELP! I would much rather have the smell of my flowers when I walk out that front door! :)

    P.S. I have an old bottle of deer repellant spray, will that work? I dont remember what it smells like, it may be worse than the cats?

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    Will bark or keep the soil wet work?


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      I do have the bed mulched real good with pine bark mulch and I actually think that is what attracts them, because the dirt under is rather compact. I really need to keep the bed mulched especially with the winter coming on, I want to protect the roots of the plants. And I water in the AM but by evening*the mulch *has dried out. I dont think I am supposed to water at night, too, Am I?


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        This is an old time discussion that has taken place on other mailing list.* You can do a search on** I think it's on the perennial mailing list.*


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          Thank you kindly! I will check it out.


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            Hi DinaJean,

            How nice of you to make a new potty for your kitties!*** :shock:There are several things you can do to keep the cats out.** Pine cones placed on top of the mulch will stop them, citrus peels like grapefruit or lemon placed on top, thorny plant clippings, a tea spray around the perimeter made from rue will keep them away, sweet gum seed balls placed on top or place chicken wire just under the mulch.* A more expensive solution for long term problems with many different critters, including deer, is a motion activated water sprinkler called the scarecrow.* You don't have to put the yellow face stickers on if you don't like the look.* They are about $75 to $80+.

            There is also something called cat scat (not to be confused with the indoor scat mat) with sharp points that stick up.

            I've also read that people stick plastic forks or knives into the soil like the spikes on the cat scat.

            I couldn't get the link to work.



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              It doesn't work when I press on the link.* If you go to and look at the left menu.* You will see an option to search.

              The topic is different than what your asking, but I'm sure the thread will change to support your question.


              Hey, I can remember something...1998


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                [align=left]how about trying lion dung pellets?* i've read that they are pretty good!* any reputable gardening online store should sell 'em!* i regret to say that i am going to have to resort to these, or dried skunk poo, if i can get some, to deter my dear little puppy from excavating my ENTIRE garden!* at the moment, it's like living with a small, white, furry mole![/align]