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plants which would suit a sunny position

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  • plants which would suit a sunny position

    Hi it took me awhile to find the hardiness zone only the botanical gardens knew.
    Christchurch,s zone is a 7 I have a large area to cover and I,m weed matting around plants in certain parts of the garden to cut down on the maintainance of it,I already have lots of roses and the Dahlia,s and fuchsia,s are just starting to revive after winter and the delphiniums and hollyhocks and lilac,s are in bloom I,m looking for some interesting plants that will add to the beauty of the garden and will only require the inimum of attention.
    Thanks Lara

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    Hi Lara,
    I too live in zone 7 in the US, so this shouldn't be too difficult. Plants that come to mind and require a minimum of attention would be sedum (the taller ones like 'Autumn Joy' and 'Matrona'), daylilies, true lilies (bulbs), platycodon (balloon flower), veronica, hardy geraniums (not pelargoniums), peony and siberian iris. All of these grow in clumps, don't seed around and have what I call 'good garden manners'.

    I did give you those links in the other post for native plants of New Zealand. I find that plants that are native to an area often do best, but do look for those that are clump forming and don't seed around if you want low maintenance.

    Hope this helps,


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      I would add scabiosa (a/k/a pincushion flower) to the list of plants with good garden manners. And it blooms from early summer all the way through to frost; pretty impressive for a perennial. :)