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Why we should not support the peat mining industry

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  • Why we should not support the peat mining industry

    [align=left] Hi all! This is my first post here and I hope it goes well. I just finished writing up
    something I am pretty passionate about. I'd like to make it clear that I am not
    doing this to claim moral high-ground, feel superior, or judge anybody. I simply
    hold this issue close to my heart and would like to express my views on it, in
    hopes that someone can learn a little something and help out the environment. I
    have tried hard to not come across as condescending or "preachy" so I hope that
    pays off, because that is not what I intend - I just intend to spread knowledge
    and have a civil discussion of the topic. I feel as though this post would be most
    accepted and understood in this forum.


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    Hi Hoorayfororganic,

    I constantly tell people not to use peat in their garden for exactly the reasons you mention here.* If you will be posting on other forums you might consider the short version to get interest and start a discussion.

    Thanks for posting this.