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Saying "HI" from Manila

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  • Saying "HI" from Manila

    I'm new to this forum and I guess this is the place to make formal introductions.

    I live in an old ancestral house in San Juan in the Philippines that was built in the 1930's. It survived World War II but has suffered more from neglect because my grand parents got too old to really take care of it. My father inherited it and as we were reparing and restoring the grand old home I got bitten by the exotic plants and gardening bug.

    Its a pretty large estate for a home in the city and the architecture of the house itself is very grand. As a young teen ager I had big ideas for the grounds and I wanted to fill it with strange, wonderous and exotic things to have gardens just as grand as the house.

    I've been collecting and trying to source exotic plants ever since.

    In the past years I've actually started planting the stuff I've been collecting and slowly tranforming the different gardens around the house.

    I've been documenting my projects and progress in a blog. Here are a couple of posts that explains where I am coming from and what I have done with the gardens so far:

    This Old House: The Front Yard, Grandma and Palm Trees

    This Old House: Garden Update- Year Zero

    This is a work in progress and still a very young garden.


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    Nice job on the front of the house. Nice website as well. Keep up the good work.
    I'm from Barrie, Ontario, Canada!