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    I live in the North Oklahoma City area (Zone 7) and I have a 6-8 foot tall, 30+ foot long, east-facing, brick wall acting as the fence between my backyard and a busy main street. This is my first home and the house/property is not very old, meaning that it was clear cut and striped, then had sod laid. My back windows all face west toward the wall and I'm wanting to make the view more appealing and help dampen some of the traffic sound. I have zero gardening experience, so I'm looking for easy ideas that will not be out of my depth, but will make me want to play outside with my two year old son or have dinner on our small covered porch with husband. Here's a picture, so you can see my "lovely" back yard. IMG_0773.jpg

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    30 meters of dense vegetation can reduce noise by five decibels.
    WSDOT - Traffic Noise


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      wall gardening

      I would plant leyland cypress all along the back wall. Between the brick wall and the cypress that should make for a nice sound barrier and the trees are beautifully shaped and grow fast.


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        Designing a garden on a surface that isnít flat always presents extra challenges to a gardener or designer. A sloping piece of land with different levels can make a visually interesting garden, but creating workable garden spaces can be problematic. The beauty of retaining walls is that they provide a way of changing level abruptly, and that is especially useful if space is tight. There are two main considerations for anyone wishing to hold back earth with a retaining wall. Firstly, the wall must be strong enough to hold the weight of soil behind it. Secondly, it should be able to cope with problems caused by the moisture that will percolate through the ground. Thanks.