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  • Dud seeds

    I am not happy with the seeds I've been buying. I've been buying Lake Valley organic seeds. Some of them have been great. The lettuce seeds (mix of lettuces) has done great. Same with the broccoli seeds.

    But, I planted 24 sweet corns. A grand total of 4 corns came up. What a thrill that will be when we chow down on that. Last year I had great success with those same brand of seeds.

    I planted red pepper seeds. Having little faith in those seeds I took seeds from an organic red pepper I had bought and planted it right next to them. Only the ones directly from the pepper sprouted.

    I know there will always be some duds, but, these results have left some big bare spots in my garden. Now, I have to figure how to fill those spots with some cooler weather plants.

    You all ever have similar problems? Should I look at different brands? Is it me?