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bug control on my indoor herbs

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  • bug control on my indoor herbs

    I have some sweet marjoram, basil and rosemary in pots on my kitchen windowsill. They have been doing well until recently, when my Cilantro (now dead) got infested with some strange, tiny green bugs.* I got rid of the cilantro, but the pests seem to have migrated to the rest of my herbs and I don't know how to get rid of them, or even what they are.* My Rosemary also has weird white little flakes on it.

    What is are these pests, and how do I save my herbs?:(

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    Hi Jammon,

    I realize it's been awhile since you posted so I'm hoping you have found out what the pests are.* I'm thinking you may be seeing aphids and mealy bugs.* Take a look here to see if any of these fit.* Keep in mind that aphids can be in different colors.



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      Hard to tell if they are aphids or whiteflys.* Someone suggested spraying them down with soap and water or water & garlic.* That was only mildly effective.* I read in a rose website that aphids will stay away from roses if you plant marigolds, so I put a little pot of them right in between my herbs on the windowsill.* Whatever the pest is, it seems to have mostly vacated the spot.* Plus, they look pretty. :)


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        If they are whiteflies, they will fly off when you tap the plants.* The aphids will usually stay in one spot and suck the juices on the stems and veins of leaves.* Mealybugs look like tiny tufts of cotton.

        When making your own insecticidal soap, be sure to use soap and not detergent or anti-bacterial soap, as those can harm your plants. Glad to know that things are better.



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          Try planting garlic around the effected areas and maybe some sliced organic ginger root. Use the garlic first because a living plant should not effect the other plants. If the garlic plants die chop up the whole plant and spread it in the soil. Some ladybugs will help too depending on what bug it is. I could be wrong on any of this but it should work.