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Creeping Lady's Mantle, Alchemilla ellenbeckii

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  • Creeping Lady's Mantle, Alchemilla ellenbeckii

    [align=left]I am searching in vain for plants or*seeds of this evergreen perennial (in Zone 7 at least) known as Creeping Lady's Mantle, not to be confused with Dwarf Lady's Mantle, Alchemilla alpina.[/align]

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    Hi Atlhotrod,

    I can't find anything listed as 'creeping' Lady's mantle.* Do you have a botanical name?* You could do a google with the botanical name + seed.



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      [align=left]The botanical name is Alchemilla ellenbeckii, it is in the title of this posting.** Yes, I have googled the name.[/align]


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        Sorry about not seeing the name in the title.* I get notification of new posts and don't often see the title of the post.* When I click on the link in my mail I go directly to a reply box.

        If you can't find seed with the search, do try a plant or two and then collect the seed yourself.* It appears to be easy to collect.



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          [align=left]I would be MORE than happy to find a plant - the sole purpose of this posting was to see if anyone has any SPECIFIC info on where I can find the plant AND/OR seeds.** To anyone else reading this - I have searched the net; I have searched EBay; I have searched European sites; I have called and/or visited local nurseries.* Yes, I know there is a vendor, Big Dipper Farms, that has a listing for Alchemilla ellenbeckii plants but it is and has been OUT OF STOCK.**Also, if you think you remember seeing it at a nursery several years ago, that does not help me very much*either :-(* [/align]

          [align=left]Not everything on the internet ends up in the popular search engines and not every vendor has a complete inventory listing available to search electronically. So --*If anyone owns the plant and is willing to send me some seeds, or knows of a vendor/web address*I can mail order it from, that would be helpful and greatly appreciated!*[/align]


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            I'm new here and just came across your post. If you still want Alchemilla ellenbeckii, try these sources:


            The Thyme Garden Herb Co.

            Goodwin Creek Gardens

            Hope this helps you! Good luck.