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Asian Vegetable as herb fight Diabetes

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  • Asian Vegetable as herb fight Diabetes

    I'm Worasit from Thailand.
    My family member is diabetic that need daily insulin injection.
    That push me deep study in this.
    Over here we've record that country people in North of Thailand have less diabetics than other place.
    They ate one local vegetable that reduce blood sugar and as alternative medicine for century.
    Japan tested by pretty result and regular import the leafs for making tea the serve diabetics and they already patent.
    American already 24 millions diabetics that they must live with it.
    I plan to introduce this vegetable for US and hope to share Asian hurb culture to other side of global.
    Please comment or advise the plants importers or wholesalers that may interest and open chance for diabetics in USA.
    This plants also tasty that can eat fresh , fries or soup.
    In Thai menu you can try but only north region.
    Our plants name " Gymnema inodorum " .
    This herb recover liver that back to self insulin and reduce blood sugar.
    Here diabetics can reduce using or stop insulin in jection by doctor's order after check blood sugar.
    It hard to trust , untill you eat tasty vegetable and check sugar indicator again within next week.
    How it work and prove by Japan by serch this name in Google.
    In western have less data about Asian herbs culture to public but giant pharmacy business know well for their drugs.
    Please comment on board or to my mail .

    Worasit Prommee / Thailand