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making parsley bushier?

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  • making parsley bushier?

    Hi Everyone!

    I was wondering if there is a method to make parsley bushier when it is growing. I know for basil the trick is pinching, is there a type of techneque that will make parsley the same?


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    You can pinch parsely too - same effect :)

    Good luck!


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      [align=left]I usually prune the flower shoots on my parsley.* This seems to help promote bushier plants.* [/align]
      [align=left]I also make sure the plants have*good soil,*get plenty of water, sun*and fertilizer.[/align]


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        well, all I did was left mine out all winter through two ice storms (nothern Texas area). Then all of a sudden it it exploded in growth this spring. Photo #1 - about a month after transplant. Photo #2 - taken last week after a major harvest of it. I followed up on the internet by reading that the plant should die shortly after it flowers, which it is just starting to do. I am going to harvest the seed and start a new bed on another part of my property. It's really good and tasty Italian parsley, even the stalks are large and juicy although after you eat one you spit out a lot of the fiber in the stalk. Kinda like eating a roll of dental floss....
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          wow!!! wish I could get mine to do that.. I live in north part of Illinois... Mine get big n full, but never like that... I just planted 6 flat leaf. Can't wait for time to start collecting them.... Things my way are just beginning to go.