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  • 100's of kinds of rare and heirloom fruits, vegetables and t

    Urgent: I have thousands of kinds of exotic and rare seeds, all non-hybrids as far as I know. I am afraid my seeds will not be viable soon. I've had most of them refrigerated for over a year and would like someone with enough acres of land to grow the thousands of seeds I have as soon as is best for the seeds. I have mostly fruit and vegetable seeds and some tree types and I think some bamboo seeds. By accepting my offer you are agreeing to attempt to grow every kind of seed I send you as soon as is optimal for that type of plant or artificially and to send me 20 seeds back from any successful growths as soon as you can. You will probably be sent perhaps 100-200 types of plant types, so be prepared to grow up to 200 kinds of plants.

    I will only give to people who have the necessary greenhouses or land with appropriate climates to grow these seeds. You must show me pictures of your greenhouses or land you have as evidence that you have the ability to grow the kinds of plants I have and must give your phone number. Only gardeners with experience in growing all kinds of plants, including trees, apply. If you are a person in charge of a large botanical garden I would appreciate your help.

    I require $40 to cover the shipping of the seeds, the seed packets, and the time it will take me to put the different types of seeds into 100 or more different packets. I will need to buy to distribute the seeds.

    Although I'm only looking to give away to 5 people (otherwise it would take me forever to dole out the seeds) don't think I probably already got tons of emails. I doubt there are tons of people out there willing to try to grow 200 types of plants in one year.