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What is this wierd thing?

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  • What is this wierd thing?

    I found this growing on a small tree here in northwest georgia.* I like the neat looking seed pods, but I want to know if it's a nice looking vine or just a weed.* The pods are brown and hard and are full of hundreds of winged seeds.* Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Mushroombrew,

    It would be most helpful to know if the vine had any leaves on it.* Your seedpod and seeds look like several vines that come to mind.* I'm also wondering if it was growing on a tree in a garden or wild in the woods.

    Campsis radicans aka trumpet vine, which is native to the US, would be my first guess.* Unfortunately this vine was planted in my garden when I arrived.* It was the last to leaf out in the spring and the first to drop it's leaves in the fall.* It's root system can be VERY invasive in a garden, popping up as much as 30' or more from the parent plant.

    Bignonia capreolata aka crossvine is native, but from the pliers in your photo (most folks use a coin like a quarter for size comparison), the seed is too large.
    Podranea ricasoliana aka pink trumpet vine.* Native to South Africa with glossy leaves.* Would be evergreen in zone 9, but most of Georgia is either zone 7 or 8, so could have dropped it's leaves by now.* Grown by gardeners in the US.* The seed pod appears to be too big to be yours.

    The small pictures of seeds came from this site.

    If you have pictures of any leaves, flowers or the entire vine it would be most helpful.* Knowing if it was growing in someone's garden or in the wild would also help.



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      It's the trumpet vine.* :)* Thank you!!!!

      I didn't have my camera handy when i grabbed this, but there wasn't much to see anyway.* The tree was a small (7-10ft) dogwood.* It just had a wavy brown vine curled up the trunk and into the branches.* The base of the vine was about as thick as my index finger.* It had already dropped all of its leaves and frankly looked dead.* I'm not planning on planting anything in a garden setting.* I just want to "reforest" my property with pretty vines and natural (not ornamental) trees from seed around my area.* I was gathering tree seeds when i found this.* It was in the wild.* Kudzu is a real problem here so I didn't want to plant anything thats going to go 'ape on my property.* :)* I'd like it to make pretty flowers and such.* I really appreciate your help!


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        Mushroombrew, you are so very welcome!* From your description I suspect that was an ornamental vine and not a native.* Since the leaves had fallen, it was probably a tropical vine hardy to zone 9 at the most.* I still find some Campsis radicans aka trumpet vine in my zone 7 garden and they still have their leaves.

        I applaud you for wanting to plant native plants.* If you need links on where to find info, seeds, plants or more just lmk.