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  • Indentification Assistance, Please

    So, I got this really cool plant when I had to evacuate for one of the hurricanes several years back. I took a piece from a friend's plant, rooted it, and potted it up. It did very well for a long time in its hanging basket.

    Recently some stupid jerk stole my plant! I never knew what it was called, I cant get another piece, and Im fit to be tied to say the least.

    Im hoping that someone here can help me find a replacement by telling me what the heck this plant is.

    I appreciate any and all assistance.

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    Hi Live Squid,

    So sorry to hear that someone stole your plant.* That's just awful.* Your plant was a hoya.* I don't know exactly which one, but maybe this site will be helpful.

    For better id of exactly which one yours may have been you might want to ask at the UBC Botanical Gardens forum. The first link is their main page so you can register and read their rules.* The second is where you should ask which one it is.

    I'd love to know if they are able to give you a specific plant id.



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      Thanks, Newt! Youre absolutely right. It is a hoya! A quick look on the 'net and I came across They list like a hundred fifty varieties with pictures, and Im pretty sure its one of the Carnosa varieties.

      Ill post at the UBC site in teh morning. Ill definitely let you know if they narrow it down further.

      Thanks again for the fast and great reply!


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        You are so very welcome!* I hope they can give you the exact name.* That would be wonderful!