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Need help identifying this odd plant

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  • Need help identifying this odd plant

    *** Grows only in the shade and best if potted.* Leaves grow to be about 24" to 36" long and they are deep green with curly edges.* The roots of the plant grow up out of the soil and it only produces a seed pod about once every 5 years. Here is a picture of one with a couple of leaves that have had too much direct sunlight. And a close up of the root system.

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    Hi Fun In The Sun,

    The picture is so tiny I'm having a hard time seeing it clearly.* I'd also love to see a larger picture of this and the entire plant.

    It appears you have a self-heading philodendron (not the vining type but a more self-supporting stem) that has developed air roots (aerial roots).* This site has some good pics and good explanation of aerial roots.

    I've never seen a philodendron with such wavy edges to the leaves, but that doesn't mean they don't exist as many new hybrids are available now.* Here's what the air roots look like when they mature and get longer. They help to support the plant as it gets top heavy.

    This link is about self-heading philodendrons.* I've looked at pics of all the ones mentioned and don't see a match of the leaf shape I'm seeing in your pic.

    This site lists many philodendrons and I found two with wavy edges.

    Philodendron 'Jungle Fever'

    Philodendron selloum 'Little Crunchy'



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      *** Dear Newt-
      Thanks for your really thoughtful reply.* I waanted to put a larger photo in my original post, but everytime I tried I would get an error message saying my file was too big!* I will try to put a larger one on this reply but don't know if it will let me.
      I really don't think that it is a philodendrum because of the extremely long length of the leaves and it also has absolutely no vine characteristics.* But who knows!


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        You are very welcome!* Your picture is so small I can't see it even when I put it on my 'puter and enlarge it.* It just blurrs.* Your pic is 80 x 80.* Try something like 700 x 700 for size and go smaller by increments.*

        If you were able to look at the sites I sent you, you would note there are self-heading philodendrons that don't vine, but send out air roots for support when the plants get some age and height to them.* They grow more like a tree.

        Here's some interesting info on Philodendron leaf size and shape.

        Here's the main page that talks about everything related to them, including air roots.* You can even click on #6 for 'Selected Species' and do a google image search for each name if you like.* You may not always see mature leaves in your search.

        There are Alocasia that get large leaves, but these grow from tubers like a potato and I've not found any info on them that says they get air roots.* Again, without a better picture of the first one you posted, it's difficult to say.* Try the size I suggested to see if that works better.