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  • Unusual Plant

    A friend of mine gave me this plant*when it was about 2 inches tall. It grows very slowly. I've had it for almost 4 years now and it's approximately 12" tall.

    Every week it produces one or two small brown seeds. They look a lot like a peppercorn, but a little less round and smaller.*It hasn't produced any flowers and if a leaf breaks off, white milky fluid shoots out just like as if it had a pulse!

    It's a very strange plant and I receive a lot of compliments*about it. Hopefully you can help me identify it!

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    Hi Jamie,

    Can you post a picture of the entire plant and make it a little larger?



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      Here is another picture of it...


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        And another...


        Thanks for trying to help me out with this!


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          Almost looks like a plumeria, but the stem appears to be different.
          It's not very visible in the picture.



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            Jamie, I'm sorry I never got back to you.* I searched for a long time and couldn't figure out what it is.* I'm thinking it might be some sort of caudiform, but I couldn't find a match.* I would suggest you ask the folks at the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens.* They have always come through for me and others.* Do be sure to let them know where you live as they are in Canada.* Here's their main page so you can read the rules and faq's.

            Here is where you should post your question in the Indoor Plants Identification forum.

            I'd love to know what they tell you it is.


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              Thank*you for your help! I'll be sure to contact them.

              If you would like a couple of seeds let me know and I will send them to you.

              If I find out what kind of plant it is I will post the information. It does look a lot like a plumeria, but since the stem is different and it has never produced flowers I think it is something else.


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                Jamie, sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but it does produce flowers.* Look at the last picture.* Those are the flowers along the trunk of the plant.* :shock:** I suspect the fuzzy stuff you see are the male flowers and the female flowers appear where the leaf shaft meets the trunk of the plant.* I forgot to mention that to you before.* When you post at UBC Botanical Gardens, ask them if those are the flowers.