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Would love to know these Plant/Tree Names

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  • Would love to know these Plant/Tree Names

    Hi there,
    I am really hoping someone can help me identify some plants/trees that I have in my garden. I have had them since buying from a garden centre and two of them are about 8 years old in plant age :) I always kept the tags with the names but can't find them anywhere now.
    We are moving to a new home in a few weeks and are very reluctant to leave them behind, as the person taking over my house isn't a keen gardener so I imagine they won't be looked after.
    I would love to take them with me to replant in my new garden, but I don't think that will be possible due to the sizes that they have now grown.

    1st one:

    2nd, would really love to know this one especially, it's a fav of mine and comes out beautiful in the summer.

    3rd, someone did mention last year that they thought it had the name Elephant or something like that?

    Thank you in advance,
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    The second plant looks like a Japanese Snowball (botanical name Viburnum x bodnantense). I'm not sure which cultivar, maybe 'Pink Dawn' which seems to be the popular one. This looks a lot like your plant right here.

    Can you give us more information on the other two? Do they flower at all?


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      Hi there,
      Many thanks for the information.
      I had a look at the link and the flowers are exactly like mine so I am glad I have a name to go on now.

      The other two do not flower at all. The third one is around 4ft in height now and around 3ft in spread, very bushy, it's the leaves that draw me especially in the summer as they are a rich shiny green, it's a vey low maintenance plant/tree
      The first one again is bushy and again is very low maintenance.
      Not much info really, apart from looking nice they are ideal for a person like me who isn't green fingered, but does try :)
      Thanks again!


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        1. Looks like Choisya ternata Sundance. Common name Mexican orange blossom. It will flower.

        Choisya ternata Sundance - Google Search

        2. Agree with Viburnum x bodnantense. Possibly V. b. Dawn.

        BBC - Gardening: Plant Finder - Viburnum

        3 . Possibly Griselinia littoralis.Common name New Zealand privet.

        Griselinia littoralis - Google Search
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