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  • Is This Just a Weed?


    A few months ago, this thing sprouted in my vegetable garden right next to a tomato plant. It is about 24" tall, and it has big leaves up to 6" across. I have never seen a weed like this, and I haven't seen any plants nearby in the neighborhood that look similar. I live in suburban Phoenix (Zone 9), so it appears to be very tolerant of the heat (The tomato plant is long dead). The plant gets shade most of the day, but is in direct heat in the afternoon during the hottest part of the day. I have tried a few online plant identification sites and the closest thing i found was Birch, but I figured that couldn't be right.

    Is this just a weed, or is it possibly something worth saving and maybe transplanting? I sometimes bury kitchen vegetable scraps in that spot as a sort of compost, and have had things sprout before.

    Any ideas?
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    I am so sorry silentjim, but I cannot id your very strong healthy looking plant.
    I am 99.9% sure that it is not a birch tree.

    I believe it may yet produce flowers before winter. If it does, do please add a pic to this thread.

    Just leaves are difficult. Flowers + leaves usually will lead to an accurate id.


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      Is This Just a Weed? (Updated)

      Here's an update:

      It's now about 3 feet tall, with many branches ending in one or two buds. It has 5-petalled purple and white flowers that are about 1.5 inches across.

      Hope this helps! Still have no idea what it is.
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        Excellent. That is much easier!
        Nicandra physalodes. Common name shoo-fly.

        nicandra physalodes - Google Search


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          Yes, I think you're right.
          Hey, thanks alot! I guess I'll keep it. No idea how it got there.