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I need a little help, please.

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  • I need a little help, please.

    This is my first time posting, hope I get it right.

    I moved into this house and have several unidentified plants. Here is one I wish I to know, so I can plant it where it will thrive the best.
    Thank you for any help.

    DSC01232 (2).jpg

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    Welcome punkd_mom.
    You did it just fine!

    However, I am not sure I can id this vigorous, upright growing deciduous shrub.

    Where in the world are you?

    Not that many shrubs have opposite leaves. It MAY be a Viburnum. But I am not at all sure.

    When it flowers will you please add new pics to this thread to show the flowers and I will try to be more helpful.


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      Sorry to say, it has not bloomed in the 2 years I have been here. I'm in Fresno, CA. USA, that might help, huh?

      I moved it once to a partial shade spot and almost lost it. Put it back in full sun, all better. It was only a foot tall when I found it, but it's growing under the eve of the house and want to move it so I don't have to prune it. I want to figure out what it is, so I will know how big it will become and where to place it.

      I have looked on Google, I thought it resembled an Ash. Maybe not. Was hoping for it to be a tree.

      Any help is appreciated, and thank you for your time with this


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        Ok let me try to help a little.

        Ash trees. eg Fraxinus americana.
        Have a look at this link.,r:3,s:0

        It looks like 5 or 7 leaves but in botany terms it is classed as a single leaf, comprising 5 or7 leaflets. It is called a pinnate leaf.

        So this rules out your shrub.

        I think it can be described as a shrub as it has several branches that all come from the ground.
        A tree normally comes from the ground with a single trunk.

        It may just be to young to flower.

        I wonder if you have Ligustrum over in USA. In Britain we call it privet. That is another shrub with opposite leaves. However it is normally evergreen. Your shrub looks as if it will lose all the leaves in winter.
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