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Please help ID this building vine

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  • Please help ID this building vine

    We leave in the SF bay area and recently purchased a house with a beautiful vine growing up the side, want to ID it and make sure it won't damage the stucco over time - any help greatly appreciated!
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    Welcome tetramer.
    Not sure from your pic what this is.
    Any chance of a general pic to show the whole plant?

    From what I can see this is a shrub. It does not seem to be showing any signs of twining to climb.

    Are there any roots that are coming from it that are clinging to the wall?

    If it is just a free standing shrub, that just happens to be growing against the wall, it should never become a problem.

    I think I can see dead flowers in it. It may be a scented flower. If you add a good pic of a flower ( at a later date) that would help with id.
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