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  • Please Identify this Tree

    I took this picture in mid May last year in Carlsbad, CA. It has red flowers (not purple), hard dark brown seed pods, and light green leaves. I'm trying to find one for my back yard and no one seems to know what it is. Thanks for your help. PS: this is my first post, so I hope I get the attachment on correctly.
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    Welcome hollyberry.
    Do you by any chance have a pic showing the flower with more detail?


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      Originally posted by Silver surfer View Post
      Welcome hollyberry.
      Do you by any chance have a pic showing the flower with more detail?
      Thanks for your reply! this is the only picture I grows in a yard that belonged a very good friend and she passed away last year. Her home is now occupied with others....perhaps they will allow me to go into the yard and take more pictures... Someone suggested it was a Locust, Royal Robe... I can't find any pictures of that particular cultivar. My friend was a Master Gardener, she very well could have been pruning it into this shape for severl years. I want to plant the tree in my yard as a remembrance of her.


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        I think your idea of finding the same tree to plant in your yard ,in memory of your friend is a wonderful idea.
        But you want it to be identical.

        I have found a Robinia Purple Robe which is a cross between 2 different Robinia.

        The leaves would fit with your picture.

        However, I am not sure from your pic that the flowers fit.
        Robinia have pea like flowers.

        A close up pic would really help.

        This book mentions Robinia ambigua Royal Robe.. maybe the name got changed to Purple Robe.
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          Yes, I've found that one too...but the flowers are purple, not red. I have found a few references to "Royal Robe" but no pictures. The leaves certainly look like we are in the right area. I'm going to ask the people living there now if they will allow me to take pictures... I certainly appreciate your help!


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            Good luck, I am sure that they will not mind.
            Do please add it to this thread if you need me to help .


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              Thank you, I will!


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                I am still looking..
                It may not even be a Robinia.
                Check this Robinia margaretta "Casque Rouge"


                Also seems to be called Robinia slavinii 'Casque rouge'

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                  I don't think that's it.....the flower is a real red, not rose or pinkish... I'll go over there in the next couple days and try to get more pictures of the different parts of the tree. Hopefully it is in bloom now. Again, thanks for your help. this is such a puzzle and I appreciate the effort. I'd like to find the tree and get it planted as soon as possible.


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                    Interesting to see a Robinia pruned to this level. Very nice... I have a gold one and I just let it grow... when the fall leaves drop over the year, it's a mess with your garden.