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Thistle Plant variety??

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  • Thistle Plant variety??

    This plant was found on Mount Magazine elevation 2,500 feet in Arkansas, USA. On 06-01-12. It was on the edge of a cleared and mowed area and heavy woods. It's stems have small prickly thorns and not large ones like some Thistle varieties. The leaves look like those of Crownvetch or fern like. Blooms and seed pods look just like the Thistles. Perhaps someone can ID for me. Thanks!!!
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    Mimosa nuttallii ?, or M.microphylla?

    No need to post on several forums at once.
    If you post on one and get no response, or answers do not fit, then maybe another forum will be able to help!
    But give folk a chance to respond.

    I am sure Tyrlych will be correct with the answer given. He is excellent at plant ID.


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      OK, I do not see my reply here, so I may have posted a reply somewhere else. Sorry for that. I do believe Mimosa nuttallii is my plant. Thanks for your help!!!