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  • Ever Been to Hollywood?

    If you want a chance to win a trip, I heard about a cool contest through my work with the SAMHSA and the What A Difference A Friend Makes program. Basically, it's a video contest and you make a video telling the story of how you've helped someone suffering from mental health issues in some way. It could really be about anything. Helping them overcome the stigma of mental health disorders. Supporting them the hard times, etc. Anyone, the cool thing is not only will the videos help raise awareness about the cause but you can win a trip to the Voice Awards in Hollywood and have your video shown there. Pretty cool, especially if you are an aspiring filmmaker or something. Anyway, here's the link if you want more info

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    any detail requirement about the video?
    I am not a professional video editor, only has 5 yrs amteur video editing experience
    I don't know whether it will be enough for this contest
    a movie auteur with 7 years psp movie editing experience. for those want to edit movie with movie maker, please try my , which is FREE and any comments, pm me.