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MaChongYing suddenly understand who he is

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  • MaChongYing suddenly understand who he is

    lost sneer at, MaChongYing suddenly understand who he is, he bitter smile, holding the throat arrows slowly falling down. An hour later, the war finally ended, the cloud of smoke pandora canada the air, bloody pungent, more than 3 miles long valley lie full body, nearly forty thousand Tibetan army in addition to more than ten thousand people fled diving outside, the rest are all kill, TangJun also more than three thousand people were killed or wounded.

    TangJun nervously clean the battlefield, burned bodies, ZhangHuanZe sitting on a big pandora bracelets listen to several of the tubo soldiers told, they are indeed the tubo soldiers, but in two months ago they had TangJun is the scouts.

    Headed by a slender man it is changed to face up to the TangJun scouts a captain of the LiGuoZhen, he knelt pandora charms front of the boss, wu wear face crying, he thought I could not come home, and next to kneel is deputy team is the qiang first wish, in addition to a few people has set up a file in the chaos army die.