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  • Daffodils

    ]I have an established batch of daffodils, and want to divide them, but I can't remember when to do it,,, this fall or next spring? I have divided them before, but can't remember when I did!* :?

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    Hi Jet,

    Wow, that print sure is large!* Sometimes computers amaze me when they seem to take on a life of their own.* :?

    Anyway, to answer your question - when they are dormant is the best time, but I find that moving them after they've bloomed is the best time so I can see where they are.* If I try and dig them when they are dormant I usually end up putting the shovel through some bulbs.* Just be sure to enrich the soil and have the new planting area ready before you dig them up so they're out of the ground for the shortest amount of time.* If you have alot of them lay them out on a tarp or sheet and cover the roots and bulbs with some loose soil while you dig so the roots don't dry out.