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guizotia ( asteraceae ) abyssinica

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  • guizotia ( asteraceae ) abyssinica

    Hi, I am trying to find out about the above.It produces Niger seeds, that are very popular with goldfinches and other garden birds.Rather than buying the seeds at the rate they eat,it would be cheaper for me to grow the blasted thing,but and this is the goodie,none of the gardening/horticultural sites have any information on growing it in this country.It originated in Ethiopia and I know that's hotter than here,but if I can*grow cacti which are desert lovers I should be able to grow one of these.Next thing is can I buy one*? Please please help me.

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    Hi Meerkat,

    You probably already know that all the seed imported into the US is sterilized to eliminate an invasive plant called dodder. I did a google with the term:
    Guizotia abyssinica + retail
    and got over 22,000 hits.* I found this that might be helpful.

    It states, with lots of other helpful info, that The Teff Company, Nampa, Idaho once imported some for testing.* Here's theiir info.

    I don't know if you'll find seed available in the US that isn't sterilized.



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      Hi Newt, Thanks for the leads.I found the trials info very interesting.It sounds as though there should be no real problems for me to grow Niger,even though I live in Wales (UK).However there does not appear,at initial investigation,to be a supplier in the UK,but I will caryy on with my search.Thanks again for the leads.meerkat


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        You are so very welocme!* I wish you'd put your country in your profile or mentioned it in your post.* I didn't search for the UK since I didn't know that is where you are.** Do try repeating your search the way I did and see if you get any further leads.

        If you find it, I'd love to know.