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  • Perennial Candytuft

    I am getting ready to plant some potted Perennial Candytuft, with a 12 spacing. I want to use them as a ground cover for a small area.
    Can I use landscaping fabric around the plants, or do they need access to the top soil to spread?

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    I looked at mine this morning with a little surprise... I had slugs and snails all over it. I didn't notice the outer part of the plant taking root, but the base of the planting is larger than the original size.



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      Hi Stblfld,

      Perennial candytuft aka Iberis sempervirens can become woody and should be cut back after blooming. After 3 or 4 years it tends to die out in the middle and often will need to be dug up and divided. With landscaping fabric, that might be difficult to do, but not impossible. It grows from a central crown, so it does not root along the stems.

      For slugs I find shallow containters cheap or stale beer works great. Diatomaceous earth sprinkled on the ground also works well. Use the food grade and do not breathe in the dust.