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Whassa matter with my hyacyinths?

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  • Whassa matter with my hyacyinths?

    Hope someone can enlighten me on my bulbs (pun, heheh).* I'm forcing bulbs in both pebbles (three to a five" pot), and one in a bulb vase. In each case, the shoots have only grown about 2-3" tall, and then the blossom starts to come out, and blooms but does not quite finish before fizzling. What am I doing woring?* Should I be doing it in soil instead of a bulb vase or pebbles?* Should I have fertilised or something? I did refrigerate them long enough, I think-- at least 8 weeks, then they came out of the fridge at New Year's. Roots seem to grow well, but the shoot doesn't quite do what it ought. Thanks in advance--* EleanorG

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    I realize that it's been a long time since you wrote in with your question, but this might be helpful for next year.* I'm thinking that 8 weeks weren't long enough.* I would suggest that you keep them in the refrigerator for 12 weeks.*

    Another possibility is that you had apples or pears in the refrigerator at the same time the bulbs were there.* Apples, pears and other fruit release ethylene gas and damage the bulbs.



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      I have had the same problem with my hyacinths, but I kept them cool from September until December last year, and they came up nice and big.* Right now, I have several dozen bulbs I bought, from all place, SAM's Warehouse, which are cooling in the refrigerator.* I plan to plant around Christmas time (I live in Southeast Texas).* Of course, I still have the bulbs from last year still in the ground.* It will be iteresting to see what happens with them this year.