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  • Euphorbia trigona

    [align=left]Hello all, I have had a euphorbia trigona (african milk tree) for 18 years and got it when it was 12 inches tall, now it is close to 8 feet and touching the celing. It has*a single stem up to about 3 feet, where it then branches into many stems up to the full 8 feet. [/align]
    [align=left]It currently is at my parents house and I would like to move it to my house but it is too tall. Is there a way to cut the bottom 3 feet off, let the wound seal and then replant it in a cacuts mix? I know it is common to take cuttings, let the wound seal and then plant in* a free draining mix and they take quite well to this, but can this be done to the whole plant? [/align]
    [align=left]Thank you for any help you can give. [/align]