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Aloe Vera does not look to good. I need help.

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  • Aloe Vera does not look to good. I need help.

    The leaves on my aloe vera are looking a bit limp, and the plant does not seem to sit very well in the soil and so it tips over a bit and I am propping it up with rocks. Any suggestions on what is going on here? Thanks. :(

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    Hi Annie,

    Here are some possibilities that come to mind.* Overwatering could be making the leaves limp.* I would suggest you let the top 2" of soil dry before watering.

    Not enough sun is another possibility, making the plant weak.

    Have you repotted recently or maybe it's been a long time.* If you repotted recently, some of the roots could have been severed.* If it's been a long time the plant could be rootbound and pushing itself out of the soil.

    One more thing I'd like to mention.* Most people that respond to these forums do not reply to personal e-mail addys.* So checking the appropriate box for instant e-mail notification is best.* I would also suggest you edit your post and remove your e-mail address from public view.* That's how you can get spam.



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      Do you know how often I should water it? I usually just get a bucket of water and let it soak for a while. Also what temperatures does it generally like, if you know. I live in Utah so the winter gets pretty cold, so I take it inside.


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        Annie, I am not there to see your plant so I couldn't say how often to water.* Many factors will effect how often.* Unglazed clay pots will dry out faster then glazed or plastic pots.* Full sun will dry the soil quicker then a shady location.* The more rootbound the plant the quicker the water gets soaked up.* That's why I said, "I would suggest you let the top 2" of soil dry before watering."

        You should bring the plant indoors before you turn on the heat for the year.