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Transplanting Cactus

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    [align=left]i have 2 cactus that i have had for 30 years and have in the last 2 years been putting them outside during the summer. I do not know the rules for trnsplanting from an outdoor pot*to a new pot indoors. i know i should transplant now but do i have 2 leave it outdoors for awhile as not to shock the cactus too much or can i go ahead and transplant it from the outdoor pot right into a new one indoors. Please help. i do not want to hurt these cactus. thank you[/align]


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      Hi Dipaul,

      You don't say where you live so I'm going to guess at some things.* I'm not sure what you mean by an indoor pot and an outdoor pot.* What is the difference?* When bringing plants indoors for the winter, it's best to bring them in before the heat is turned on, especially at night.* Plants are like people and can get sunburned or stressed by being in a cool climate and then going to a very warm one.* To get it used to being indoors you might want to start bringing it in at night and putting it out during the day.

      Since the plants will be slowing down with the cooler weather and less sun, I would suggest you wait to repot it until it has adjusted to the new climate indoors if you feel it has to be repotted.* It may not need to be repotted until next spring.* If the night temps are warm enough where you live and you must repot it, go ahead and repot now and wait a week or two before you bring it indoors.