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My beloved aloe!

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  • My beloved aloe!

    I have an aloe (zebrina, I think) which is 40cm tall. I rescued it 7yrs ago when it was a tiny offshoot on an extremely dessicated mother plant, and it has gone from strength to strength.

    Throughout it's life it has produced a lot of separate offshoots around its base which i've removed and potted up separately, now however it has lots of offshoots (about 10 in total) which are growing halfway up the plant, some are only small, but some are becoming quite large. I was wondering if it is best to remove them and plant them up?

    Obviously I don't want to hurt the plant and spoil it's appearance, but i'm worried that these big offshoots may become a strain on the mother plant.

    I really love my aloe, it's been through a lot. 2 yrs ago, I almost lost it through overwatering, but I managed to rescue it! Please if anyone can advise me... I have looked at previous posts on similar subjects and also gone to the other sites recommended, but none of them have much info on this particular query!

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    Hi Miss H,

    It's been a long time since you posted, but if you haven't gotten an answer from anyone I'd like to say that it really is up to you. If you leave the offsets they will root and support themselves eventually. You will need a bigger pot though. I think it's a personal preference.



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      even later a reply from me ...
      given that I live in the tropics, my aloe is planted in the yard.
      I have never cut offshoots off in all the about 15 years I have
      had it, that works too.