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Need help identifying a few house plants.

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  • Need help identifying a few house plants.

    [align=left]Hey everyone. I am new here and I need some help identifying a few house plants that were given to me by my mother-in-law.*I would really like to know what*they are*so I know how to take care of them. Thanks![/align]



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    Hi Malenda,

    It appears that you have on the left:
    Pothos ivy, probably the variety called 'Marble Queen' aka Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'.* Low light and water when the top 1" to 2" of soil is dry.* I'm including two sites as the picture in the second one that gives the care isn't the best.

    On the right it appears to be:
    Sweedish ivy aka Plectranthus australis.* A bright spot with indirect sun or just morning sun will make this plant happy. Water when the soil is slightly dry.* Pinch to make it fuller when it starts to look leggy or just cut it back.* Can often be rooted in water.* Your plant looks like it's either been sunburned or overwatered.* I can't quite tell from the pics.



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      Thankyou so much for helping me! I kinda already knew what the first one was but I wanted to make sure. But the second one I had no clue. My hubby left it right in the direct sun and over watered it! :( I have had it for a few years now with no problems until now. While I was gone my hubby moved it and totally ripped off part of the plant...he said it was an accident but who knows. I did pinch off a few spots and I have them in water right now. Thankyou so much again!



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        Malenda, you are so very welcome!* I'm sure your Sweedish ivy will bounce back.* If not, you can always start with the 'new' cuttings your hubby supplied!* :?* I once left my ex in charge while I was away for a month.* I left notes on the plants like:
        water when dry to the touch
        keep slightly moist

        I came home to some plants that had succomed to Saraha Desert-like conditions and others that looked as if they'd been kept in a swamp!* I lost many plants that year.* :(* That wasn't the reason he became my ex though.* :D

        Glad I could help,