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What is this plant??

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  • What is this plant??

    This plant looks simular to a dumb cane or maybe prayer plant, it blooms a white fower like a prayer plant, but the it also blooms a seed or berry cluster, thay start out white, then green, then yellow and mature at bright red. my mother says she planted it from seed she brought back from Hawaii years ago. she said they were everywhere on the island, and she was tols it was a Hawaiian Evergreen, can't find that
    I sure hope someone can tell me what it is
    Curious in Texas!!!!:?:

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    Perhaps it is a Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema commutatum.


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      i dont know much about plants, which is why i'm here. I dont know what kind of plan i have. I've had it for 2 years and it's never gotten flowers, so i didnt think it was supposed to. But this week, a yellow whispy flower grew out of one of the buds i had noticed. It has a few more buds too right now. It has soft velvety maroon-ish green leaves and for two years never grew flowers. Does anyone have any idea what it could be???


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        Hi Stefee,

        This sounds like a purple passion plant or Gynura sarmentosa. Let me know if you need care instructions or if this is not what you have.