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does music really make plants healthy?

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  • does music really make plants healthy?

    I have had a bad record with keeping my plants alive no matter how hard I try, but recently Ive been listening to The Cure's new cd over my stereo system and my plants have been growing really well!! Do you think this song really helps them grow?
    Maybe my plants love the Cure like i love them.

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    I would highyl doubt that the music has much to do with it, especially if it has been played just over a speaker. I have two plants of coleus that i'm growing in my band room and they seem to be doing absoulty great. I am thinking it is becuase of all the CO2 in the room from practice, when we play, in 80 minutes the temperature probably rises 10 degrees in the room, and i'm sure the humidity raises a considerable amount, perfect growing conditions for any plant.