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Did i do a bad thing to my Lucky Bamboo?

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  • Did i do a bad thing to my Lucky Bamboo?

    Well i got bored one day so i decided to take of the little twist ties on my braided bamboo. It didn't really seem to like that and seems like some of the smaller stalks or yellowing and dying.

    So whas i wrong for taking off the twist ties that were designed to help keep it's place?

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    Hi Philo,
    Actually it's just coincidence. They aren't bamboo at all, but a dracaena and really want to be grown in soil. Once they start to yellow, all is lost. Take a look at these.



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      sorry I missed this. I think Newt is right about that once one starts yellowing it
      is probably lost. However, as you have more than one - I hope you still have one
      or more left that are still green, just throw the yellow one(s) out, wash the roots
      off well, maybe disinfect the container and growing medium (pebbles or what
      you have to support them), rinse well and replace the water - the cause is probably

      Dracaenas are pretty hard to kill, and if you have 'knots' left they may just sprout
      roots again.

      Added later: the twisty ties are just for decoration, or they may have something
      to do with the meaning of the plant, I know nothing about Feng Shui. They don't
      serve a practical purpose in plant care other than maybe to keep it upright until
      it is rooted in. (Newt is right in saying that this was a coincidence).

      Hope this (still) helps,



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        Originally posted by Newt
        Actually it's just coincidence.
        What do you mean when you say it's just a coincidence Newt?

        Well good news i am starting to see some new leaves sprouting out of the taller stalks. I did put it under a small desk light which it really seems to like.


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          Philo Lover,
          I meant that the coincidence was that the plant started to yellow after you removed the ties. It would have happened whether or not you took off the ties.

          Sorry about that! :oops:


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            Well i repotted the bamboo in some dirt over the weekend and found the roots in very good condition. Very long as well. But some of them were black and had some gellaton material stuff in them.

            What was this stuff?


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              rot ...
              (or at least some sort of fungal growth).

              If the roots were long and intact it should be OK.
              If you didn't remove the black stuff you may either still
              want to do that or be very careful watering for at least
              the next few weeks.




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                Well i didn't. And i will. But the black stuff seemed to part of the roots that were "infected". But it continues to do well.