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Pinching to encourage bushiness...

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  • Pinching to encourage bushiness...

    I want to encourage bushiness in my pothoses and i know that i have to pinch off the growing tips to do this. But how would i do this for my pothoses

    And another question...Does poor light and poor watering cause a pothos to lose it's variegation?

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    The simple part first. Poor light and water stress can cause a plant to loose it's variegation.

    Pinching on pothos is more of a prune. When encouraging fullness, select about 1/3 of the vines at at time. Prune them back to the pot edge, unless this leaves the vine without foliage. Make your cut just above the leaf. Where you cut, the plant will usually branch and begin filling out. You can take your cuttings and stick them into soil directly to root. These new cuttings should be about 3 leaves long. Hope this helps you.


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      It does, Thanks :D