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Is my poinsetta dying?

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  • Is my poinsetta dying?

    I mist ir at least 3 times a day and it gets planty of light. When i do water it i let it drain out in my sink before i put it back into its plastic wrapping. But the flowers are browning and the leaves are wilting yellowing and falling off...So is my poinsetta dying?

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    Poinsettias are sometimes a challenge to grow. Some cultivars are more difficult than others. All are very suseptible to numerous diseases.
    Their soil should be allowed to dry about 1/4 the depth of the pot between waterings. Misting can promote disease on this plant. I would suggest using a pebble tray to provide a more constant level of humidity. Honestly, it sounds like you have been doting on this plant just a little too much. :D I noted that you are in Alaska. If your plant was shipped in and spent several days on a truck, you wouldn't have stood a chance. Poinsettias are a bit finicky about how much time they spend in a box.


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      Hi Philo Lover,

      It's been a long time since last I typed at you. Hope all is well. :)

      I agree with Bloomnfool. You might also find this site helpful.

      Take care,


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        Poinsettia blues...

        I buy a poinsettia every Christmas, but come January the leaves have all dropped and no amount of coaxing will bring it back.
        I think this christmas i'll go for something different.


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          in that case you probably do something systematically wrong :-),
          most likely underwatering or overwatering, but it could just like
          it warmer and/or more humid than you have it, it is after all a
          tropical. They grow outdoors where I am, and into fairly big
          bushes. - And they don't like 'wet feet'.


          Maren, in Hilo, Hawaii.


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            Thanks for all you relplies everyone. Its been a while since ive last been on here. And now my poinsetta is definantly dead. I trimmed back the foliage to 4 inches and put it into a closet. I read that in a book that i have. But now the plant has become completely dried up. The root ball has warped and the stumps that used to be my plant have all dried up and broken off in crunchy peices.

            Anyways thanks for all your advice.


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              Well, there's always next year to try again. Mine are still green as I kept them in my west facing kitchen window. I need to cut them back soon.

              Thanks for the update!